NYC Post-Election Discussion

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DeBlasio wins by a landslide — now, will NYC’s first Progressive mayor in 20 years take us back to the bad ‘ole days of the Dinkins administration?  He won with his tale of two cities — the rich in their high-rent condominiums, and the poor — everyone else in this town.  It was time for a change, and he gave a voice to it.  The Power Panel discusses his win.

Election Connection

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 3.21.33 PMWCSU’s Election Connection – a 3 hour live studio and remote broadcast covering local races and issues of the 2013 elections in western Connecticut.  Televised on Charter Communications, on the radio at WXCI, 91.7 FM and streaming on the web at

Government Shutdown

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We are in Day 8 of a government shutdown as a default on raising the debt ceiling becomes more and more of a possibility — for the first time in our history, the United States risks the chance of becoming a deadbeat nation to the rest of the world.  The Power Panel discusses this sad scenario.

NYC Mayoral Primary

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After 20 years of the the Guiliani/Bloomberg era in NYC, people are ready for a change.  Bill DeBlasio scored over 40% in the Democratic primary — a progressive, liberal candidate who featured his mixed-race son in his campaign ads.  How did he do it?  The Power Panel discusses the results of the primary, and what to expect in the upcoming election.