2012 Campaign Media Analyst – Ebru Today


Our first analysis of the campaign — looking at ads from both the Romney and Obama camps.  The Romney ad, “Welfare”, is the worst of the season so far — it “informs” the audience that Obama “quietly gutted welfare reform” and now no work is required from a recipient — “they just send you your check” — not true!  Obama allowed states to implement their own workfare plans if it resulted in at least 20% more work, not less.  This ad targets a disgruntled electorates’ resentment against the welfare class and pits one class against another — and it’s a lie.

The other ad was from Priorities USA, the biggest pro-Obama SuperPAC.  It features Joe Soptic, who blames Romney for closing his steel plant, in which he lost his job, his health insurance — which caused the death of his wife.  What the ad fails to mention is that his wife had her own health insurance for two years after the loss of his insurance, and did not contract cancer for 5 years after that.  It gives a false cause to this tragic situation.


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